Peter returned to medical school as of August 2011, so acting will take a slight back seat for a while.

My Agents will be kept informed of my availability for possible projects, so please continue to direct all enquiries to them.

I'll be posting updates on how it all unfolds over the next few months and years. So, watch this space….

10,000 Days: An upcoming Web series, 10,000 Days is an apocolyptic tale set in the near future following the lives of the survivors of Earth after a devestating meteor strike. Peter plays Remy Farnwell, the patriarch of an outcast clan fighting for survival against the harsh climate that now batters the Earth. For more information visit the series Web site:

10,000 Days also has a Facebook page you can like for additional information and also follow them on Twitter. A new trailer for the series is available through Facebook, as are many photos from the first episode.

Alphas: Peter is going to be on an episode of SyFy's new show Alphas playing the character James Collier, directed by Leslie Libman. The show, which shoots in Toronto, has not begun airing yet but stars the oscar winning actor David Strathairn as Dr. Leigh Rosen, the head of Section 8, a team acting under the auspices of the National Security Agency with a mandate to locate and assess the threats posed by 'alphas', human beings with enhanced abilities due to differences in their brain structure.

Sanctuary: Peter just completed filming an episode for the 4th season. Be sure to check your local listings for them. This SyFy series stars Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne. Peter will be resurrecting his character Dr. James Watson in an exciting storyline.

War of the Worlds: Goliath: An animated film set for a DVD release in the fall of 2010, this steampunk tale picks up after H.G. Wells classic tale as the Earth prepares for the return of the aliens. Peter voices lead character Eric Wells in a story written by Highlander alumni David Abramowitz, also featuring Adrian Paul, Elizabeth Gracen, Jim Byrnes and Adam Baldwin. We are now looking at a fall release in 2011. View a trailer and behind-the-scenes clip at: 

Impact Magazine Covers War of the Worlds Goliath: The July cover of Impact Magazine features cover art from the animated movie for which Peter voiced lead character Eric Wells. The movie now looks to be released in the early part of 2012, but this article appears to be the first of a series coming up in Impact.

Impact Magazine July '11

The magazine can be purchased wherever British magazines are available or directly from the publisher at: or by emailing The magazine is available in print or as a digital magazine.



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